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Acrotomophile Mutilator 12" LP

$16.00 / On Sale

Only 100 copies of "Acrotomophile Mutilator" will be pressed. This edition has been carefully crafted: full colourspin-jacket, black disco-sleeve, red vinyl with custom labels, and an insert containing the album's lyrics.

“Acrotomophile Mutilator” is the title of the new Infection album. Without departing from their roots, the band has incorporated a scoop of melodic and technical elements that will shine thanks to a crisp yet organic production. Mastered at “Massive Mastering” by John Scrip, it contains the right elements to grab the attention of headbangers around the world!

Track list:
01. When Children Murder
02. Tetrodotoxin
03. First-degree Murder
04. Kidnapped and Killed
05. Psychopath

01. Wish You Were Dead (Again)
02. Feasting with Feces
03. Regurgitating Human Parts
04. Acrotomophile Mutilator
05. Devouring the Living
06. Worse Than being Dead