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Necrokindergarden CD

$9.99 / Sold Out

Glass-mastered CD with full-colour cardboard sleeve and paper liner note.

"Necrokindergarden" is the first full-lenght album by Peruvian death metal act "Infection." Contains 13 tracks of relentless viciousness plus a special cover song of Florida's death metal masters "Monstrosity."

01. "Cannibal's Death"
02. "Autopsy Room"
03. "Bacterial Endocarditis"
04. "Fecal Burrito"
05. "Necrokindergarden"
06. "Nothing but Scum"
07. "I Choke"
08. "Gastric Disorder"
09. "Brain Infection"
10. "Malignant Tumor"
11. "The Heinous Brick Attack"
12. "A Hooker Is Slaughtered"
13. "Antiesthetic Surgery"
14. "Definite Inquisition" [Monstrosity Cover]